A few words about what Benn-i does

He is a one man, standalone music professional. A friendly and talented man. Benn-i spent his time many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique reggae and dancehall experience.

Why Choose Benn-i?

Benn-i Productions has been around for a while in the Reggae Scene World wide. Making Riddims, Beats and Instrumentals since he was young.

Benn-i Productions is an independent music professional. He lives in Holland, Groningen and loves Reggae Music. Benn-i does the writing, arranging, producing, mixing and mastering of all Reggae and Dancehall songs himself.

From 2012 till now, Benn-i produced more then 50 different exclusive Reggae Riddims. Some of these riddims were used by great artists like;

  • John Life (Barbados)
  • Indrani (Barbados)
  • Ghetto Solja (Spain)
  • JahReal (Ghana)
  • Ruby the Dancehall Queen (Ghana)
  • Jah Turban (Denmark)
  • Firstborn aka Fusbaan (UK)
  • Lion Tunda (Canada)
  • Gyarison (Austria)
  • Ranger Lockz (Gambia)
  • Deejay Limbo (Austria)
  • Fyaado (Jamaica)
  • LuckyKidd (Jamaica)
  • Nicoteen Nicomatic (Trinidad)
  • Kiihjano (Sweden)
  • Carlos Vargas Warstreet (Mexico)
  • Jah Model (UK)
  • Ras Kinah (UK)
  • Neekoshy (Italy)
  • Color aka Sista Ablavi (Spain)
  • Mad Indian and Nex Lev (US)

And many more artist all over the GLOBE….

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Believe In What He Does

Reggae Music is Benn-i his biggest passion. He listens to all kinds of reggae, dancehall and has many favorite artists world wide. Benn-i his vision is that when you use passion and let passion guide you, great creations will follow. Working hard, being an honest man and always networking. Thats what makes Benn-i Productions special. Because Benn-i believes in what he does, he offers artists all over the world a chance to play around with his Free Beats. He offers more then 10 Free beats, that’s insane innit? Leave your  name on the homepage and start your musical project today!

Some Facts About Benn-i

♛ Made more then 50 different Reggae and Dancehall Riddims!
♛ Made his first riddim album with 12 UK Artists in 2012
♛ Made half of the riddims in FruityLoops Studio
♛ Made the other half of the riddims in Cubase 7
♛ Benn-i is a Dutchman
♛ Benn-i is a Ginga
♛ Produced an album together with J.Life and Indrani
♛ Produced 2 riddims on “Mama Africa” by Jah Turban
♛ Produced an album together with Lion Tunda
♛ Benn-i played a Hammond organ when he was younger
♛ First reggae song listened: Daddy Freddy – Raggamuffin Soldier
♛ Benn-i works with +100 artists and +50 producers world wide

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What they say about Benn-i!

Here are what some benn-i’s customers are saying about him:

@ Hey thanks Benn-I for sending these free Riddims. Just keep the link love the vibe…


Travis SoulFire

@ U make some people smile in life bro and that’s real happiness!


Ghetto Soljah @Spain

@ Lion…InI love the riddims you have…love the solid beat of the riddims… I, Am from Jamaica and when I recognize the vibes of the riddim I would like to do some works with the great Benn-i Productions


Fyaado @Jamaica

@ You understand reggae bro. Most of the Europeans don’t understand reggae. But you have respect for our culture and music. I would love to work more with you. Bless, Jah Mikes


Jah Mikes @Danmark

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