Choose your riddim & pricing

Benn-i Productions offers different types of riddim / beat packages.

Basic Lease

€ 29,005.000 copies

  • Mp3 (128 kbps)
  • 5.000 copies
  • radio broadcast
  • paid performances
  • tv, websites, ringtones

Premium Lease

€ 49,0015.000 copies

  • WAV (44.1 kHz)
  • 15.000 copies
  • radio broadcast
  • paid performances
  • tv, websites, ringtones

A few questions about the pricing packages

Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How to buy a riddim?

The process for buying a Riddim at Benn-i Productions is very simple.

  1. Browse the beat store and click the name of the beat you want;
  2. Select the license option you want and click the Buy button;
  3. Make a Payment and you will be able to download the beat instantly.

How to download a Free Riddim?

You can download any riddim you like. Go to the beat store and select any riddim that you want. Click on download and enjoy your beat/riddim/instrumental.

How do i give credit to Benn-i Productions?

In all projects where any part of a Benn-i Productions Riddim is used, make sure to give credit in the following format (as agreed on in the License Agreement):

“Riddim produced by Benn-i-Productions”
“Original Riddim made by Benn-i”.

Can i change the riddim after buying it?

Yes. Its allowed to do everything you want with the Riddim, after you bought the Riddim. So if you want to adjust the bpm, loop it, chop it or want to add extra sounds and effect its all possible. As long as you still give full production credits to Benn-i Productions.

Do i own the riddim after buying the riddim?

No, you don’t own the Riddim. You are buying a non exclusive Riddim. All non exclusive Riddims are Leased not Sold. You are leasing the rights to use it.
When buying a exclusive Riddim, you buy the exclusivity that nobody else can buy the beat. You are leasing the rights to exclusively use it.

Why do you use audio-tags?

Benn-i uses custom audio-tags to protect his beats from being stolen or ripped. When you buy a lease or a exclusive riddim, you will receive the untagged version of the riddim you bought (after you made a payment). So the voice from the artist is removed, singing “This beat is produced by Benn-i Productions”. The voice is made by KnockHouse. If you need any details, please contact me.

I lost my download link, help?

No problem. You can always re-download it from the site. You also have a download link in the order confirmation email that was send to u when the riddim was purchased. If you continue to have problems, contact Benn-i.

What is Copyright?

All material sold is copyrighted. MUSIC OWNERSHIP: The non-exclusive tracks compositions sold by Benn-i Productions remain the exclusive property of Benn-i Productions.

Copyright is the term used to describe a number of legal rights that exist in original literary, musical, dramatic or artistic works, and in sound recordings, films, broadcasts and other creative works. Under copyright laws, these rights are exclusive to the copyright owner, and enable the copyright owner to control how their work is used and to prevent unauthorized use.